I have one bio that begins “Andy Romanoff’s motion picture career spans over 50 years…” another that begins “For almost half of his life, Andy Romanoff wasn't looking further ahead than his next meal. After getting thrown out of five high schools and going on to steal motorcycles, scam credit cards, and burn cars for weekend fun, it seemed clear to everyone around him that he was a screwup” and there’s probably another one somewhere that says something about “inventor, entrepreneur, corporate executive…” It’s hard to be brief cause I kept on moving.


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Pixel Popcorn
Hive Gallery
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Flesh and Stone - with Scot Sothern
California State University, Dominguez Hills
September 2017
First Congregational Church
February 2015
Pacific Design Center
Eight month residency, 2012
The Prospectus Gallery
September 2012