Stories I've Been Meaning To Tell You

Andy Romanoff’s memoir chronicles his messed-up years and how he survived long enough to transition out of them. Filled with colorful storytelling, Romanoff takes you along for the ride as he makes a meaningful life for himself without turning his back on the person he’d been or the places he’d come from. “Stories I’ve Been Meaning to Tell You” is a wild ride filled with tales of getting thrown out of five high schools; stealing cars and motorcycles; getting tossed in jail; finding his way into the sleazy end of the film business; being there for the invention of Gore Films; spending time with counterculture legends like Ken Kesey, the Hog Farm, and Nick Ray; then slowly learning about love, life, and death as he becomes a reluctant success. Come along with him as he shares eighty years of stories, learning to accept success, friendship, and family while raising hell along the way.

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